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From Casa Cantil you can walk everywhere.

It’s less than a kilometer to the Zócalo, a pleasant 8-minute downhill stroll on cobblestone streets lined with bougainvillea and African tulip trees. Most guests walk into town and ride back in taxis.

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A word of warning about location. When we first visited, we stayed in Avandaro, only to discover that it’s a 35-minute drive to the Zócalo. Many establishments say they are in Valle but are in fact far from town. From Izar, for example, you’ll have a 90-minute drive round-trip (halfway around the lake) just to dine out in Valle.

Casa Cantil is right in town, not in Izar, Avandaro, El Escondrijo, El Santuario, or La Peña.

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Getting There:

Valle is a 2-3 hour drive west from Mexico City. If you fly into MEX, we can arrange a car to meet you at the airport. You can also fly into Toluca, the capital of the State of Mexico, which has a regional airport (TLC) that is only 90 minutes away. TLC used to cater primarily to private planes but now Continental flies once a day into TLC from Houston. You can also fly into TLC from certain US cities on Volaris, a Mexican airline: San Diego (Tijuana), LA, and the Bay Area (SFO and SJC). If you happen to live in those cities, you’re in luck as getting to Valle via Toluca is now a convenient option.

TLC is a hub for two JetBlue-style Mexican airlines, Interjet and Volaris, which service Mexico’s tourist destinations. This makes Toluca a good jumping-off point if you want to combine a trip to Valle with a few days on the beach (in Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Los Cabos, etc.).

San Miguel de Allende is a four-hour drive north.

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